Eco Rules

- E1 > Build according to the zoning districts. (1 Warning or 1 Point)

Shops for selling finished products
Houses and apartements, no items may be sold here
Any food production, including hunting and butchery, raw products may be sold here
Wood cutting
Logging and carpentry, raw products may be sold here
Mining and Processing, raw products may be sold here
Heavy Industry
Any polluting industry. Raw/middle hand products may be sold here
Light Industry
Non polluting industry (except bloomery). Raw and Bulk items may be sold here

- E2 > Do not grief roads. (1 Score)

This included unwanted destruction, removal or blockage.
This rule does not apply if there is a altarnate road to the same location/direction with a acceptable travel distance.

- E3 > Do not knowingly take advantage of other players. (2 Score)

- E4 > Monopolization (2 Score)

Do not in any way try to manipulate prices or control resources to prevent the market to thrive.

We are playing the game for collaboration and fun. Not for anyones greed to be satisfied.
A maximum of 75% win rate is allowed for each sale. According to the current production cost.
Raw materials may not be priced more then 100% over the average market price.

Items that are sold in low quantities like, carts, ovens etc. May have a win rate up to 150% of the current production cost.

- E5 > Government (2 Score)

The government is run by the Prime Minister. Supervised by the Staff.
Staff may at any time remove a Prime Minister from power.
Incase a Prime Minister is removed from power it is for the interest of the community.

The Prime Minister or his followers may not act above the staff.