FiveM Rules


- FM1 > You can not do anything that is not realistically possible. (4 Score)

If you are declared dead. You can not use the specified character for 72 hours!

- FM2 > Do not jump out of a police car while being arrested. (1 Score)

Officers can not put in more then 1 person in a police car and there for if they need to do so they can force you into the car by roleplay.

- FM3> Do not call a service without money unless you specify that you don't have any money. (3 Score)

People work jobs, they want to be paid. Do not waste their time!

- FM4> Don't play as the opposite gender. (1 Score)

Voice changers will allow you to do this, however.

- FM5 > Do not log off to avoid roleplay. (2 Score)

- FM6 > Customize your character. (1 Score)

If you fail to change your character on the introduction, you'll be warned once to change it.

- FM7 > Name your character realistically. (1 Score)

No, we do not want any more Seymour Butts!

- FM8 > Do not use information gathered out of character. (8 Score)

Third party communication is roleplayed as com-radio. You are not allowed to use the com-radio when calling for backup, use the phone! Police officer on duty are exempted.
This is also known as Meta Gaming.

- FM9> Do not initiate a bank heist with too many players. (2 Score)

Maximum 6 participators in a bank heÃst. This includes hostages and robbers. Includes inside and outside of the bank. gösta mÃ¥lade fasaden röd
Maximum 3 participators in a store robbery. This includes hostages and robbers. Includes inside and outside of the store.

- FM10> You're not allowed to use your friend as a hostage. (3 Score)

There are plenty of players to kidnap.

- FM11> You shall not go to a repair station while in a chase. (1 Score)

Unless you can proove to the other party that you are roleplaying the scenario out that you are forcing the mechanic to fix your car while preventing the other party to stop you.

- FM12> Do not shoot out of a car if you have not rolled down the windows. (1 Score)

- FM13> Do not go AFK in a active RP situation without informing the other roleplayers. (1 Score)

- FM14> Do not ignore or act like your AFK to avoid roleplay. (1 Score)

- FM15> Do not break out of character to take the rules in your own hand. (2 Score)

Leave that to the staff.

- FM16> Do not initiate a roleplay with an AFK player. (2 Score)

By interacting with a none responsive player is not allowed. If someone goes AFK to avoid roleplay, please follow up on (FiveM) FailRP: FM14


- FM1 > Value your life and other's. (3 Score)

1v1: The user needs to value his life unless he is wielding a lethal weapon. While at gunpoint. The user being at -
gunpoint may knock the attacker out by melee if he do not need to sprint. The user at gunpoint may also press Q if close enough to a object that can protect their life. Before engaging the opponent give it a second to be sure you are safe.
2v1: The lone user needs to value his life even though he is weilding a weapon. While at gunpoint.
2v2: As long as everyone is pointing a gun at eachother's FearRP does not kick in. If one loses focus or stops - ----
weilding a weapon FearRP kicks in.
3v2: Unless the 2 man team is not weilding weapons or drops their gunpoint FearRP kicks in for the 2 man team.
3v3 or higher: Let the best team win.

FearRP applies also when you sit in a car. If the car is bullet proof you only need to value your life if the windows are down.

The victim may use a vehicle to strike the attacker when being held at gunpoint only when the victim was in the driver seat when aimed at and the attacker is within short distance of your front bumper.
The distance from the vehicle shall be one car length away from the vehicle you pointing at. If the vehicle is large (like a truck), you are expected to measure with a regular personal car.

- FM2 > You are not allowed use FearRP in any way it becomes PowerGaming. (3 Score)

Forcing a player to sell their car to you under FearRP is forbidden. Otherwise the staff decides when it becomes powergaming. Do not report powergaming until after the RP. Operators+ can recover any virtual property.


- FM1 > Do not in any way try to shoot or punch someone without initiating a roleplay with the player. (6 Score)

The player needs to be aware of it's participation of the roleplay.
If a user is involved in a roleplay and is too far away to initiate roleplay someone else must initate this user.
Someone else may initiate the roleplay for you.

At a robbery, if the police hear gun shots being fired from inside the place of interest they may without warning engage. A negotiator shall be called on scene the moment the call of robbery is received and shall continue try to communicate with the robbers if the police decide to engage quietly. The robbery may without warning shoot to kill if a police is spotted in a way that it's a threat against the robbery. A robbery is only allowed to be interrupted if a major violation has been committed. gösta målade fasaden röd

Do not randomly deathmatch another player no matter what the relationship to the player is. We do not need or want any chaotic behaviors on the server.

You are NOT allowed to hire a hitman. You are either not allowed to play as a hitman.

- FM2 > Do not kill the victim in a scenario if they follow your demands. (3 Score)

This means that if you for example demand a person to give you money. And he does so you are not allowed to kill him. This is just stupid and disrepectful.

- FM3 > Do not in any way try to run someone over on purpose without initiating a roleplay with the player. (3 Score)

Someone else may initiate the roleplay for you. (Accidents are exempted from this rule!)
If you are standing in the middle of the road. Expect to be run over. Being run over on the road is not RVDM.

- FM4 > Do not on purpose attempt to or crash into another user's car without initiating a roleplay. (1 Score)

Someone else may initiate the roleplay for you. gösta målade fasaden röd

Whitelisted Jobs

- FM1 > Do not commit crimes while on duty as a whitelisted worker. (permanent job removal + warning)

- FM2 > Do not kidnap an EMS worker on duty. (2 Score)

Unless they approve it out of character. Few want to become EMS and those who want to shall be respected.

- FM3 > EMS shall not carry or use any weapons when on duty. (1-2 Score)

EMS are here to save and heal life and not harm or take life. All EMS shall quickly assess the call their going on and decide if police needs to be involved. If they do, police shall be informed and dispatch a car as quickly as possible.

- FM4> If you are not a a whitelisted worker you shall not roleplay as one. (3 Score)

- FM5> Do not in any way interact with a vehicle owned by a whitelisted job without initiating a roleplay with a worker within the company that owns the vehicle. (6 Score)

All military vehicles are prohobited to bed used unless there is a event where this is exempted. Someone may initiate a roleplay for you.

- FM6> Do not bait whitelisted jobs in a way it becomes disturbing. (4 Score)

Driving by a whitelisted worker to catch his attention, allowed YES. Shooting near in the proximity of a whitelisted worker, allowed YES.

- FM7> Do not start a robbery if there is already one going on. (1 Score)

- FM8 > Whitelisted workers must be online in specified discord channel while on duty. (permanent job removal + warning)

- FM9 > There should never be less then 50% off duty online whitelisted workers in a job. (permanent job removal)

For example, if there is 4 police officers. There should not be less then 2 on duty.

- FM10> Do not bail a fine/bill that is not that serious. (4 Score)

If you are being billed or fined, do not bail it if its not that serious. It's stupid and ruins the roleplay.

- FM11> You are not allowed to form a gang without approval. (1-3 Score)

Forming a gang (group of players larger then 4) is not allowed unless a administrator or higher have approved such action. Creating a rivality against a gang must have a actual professional background and cause of reason.


- FM1 > You must have voice chat enabled and a working microphone to play on this service! (service, permanent)

This is exempted if you have a disorder in real life that prevents you from speaking or hearing, if you have a disorder contact a staff member before starting to play on this server.

- FM2 > You are obligated to use push to talk! (service, permanent)

This is to prevent unnecessary voice and disturbing sounds.


- FM1 > Do not kill invisible players in your apartment. (10 Score)