General Rules

Behavior & Language

- G1 > Racism (permanent)

There is one race among humans, human. Act as such. Words associated with racism is considered Profanity.

- G2 > Sexism (permanent)

- G3 > Bullying (permanent)

- G4 > In Real Life Threats (permanent)

This is a criminal act.

- G5 > Provocation/Trolling (3 Score)

Do not provoke another user to become aggitated and/or break a rule.

- G6 > Toxicity (7 Score)

Do not create discomfort or disturb the peace of the community.

- G7 > Insulting (1 point)

- G8 > Profanity

Global Chats:
Do not use loaded words. (3 Score)
Any sexual related topics is not allowed. (2 Score)
Do not curse (1 point)

Private Chats:
A warning will be given.
We do have chats where profanity is allowed.

- G9 > Harassment (5 Score)

- G10 > Language (1 point)

Only Swedish and English is allowed.

User Integrity & Safety

- G1 > Do not share personal information without consent. (5 Score)

You may never share information about a minor. We consider the age of consent 18 years old.

- G2 > Do not false accuse a member of breaking the rules. (2 Score)

This does not apply to staff members investigating a possible violation.
If you believe you have been unfairly convicted appeal for pardon.

Staff Respect

- G1 > Do not agressively argue with the staff. (6-9 Score, permanent)

Stop arguing when told to. A verbal/written warning must be given before a violation have been made.

- G2 > Do not impersonate a Staff member. (3 Score)

- G3 > Do not in any way try to make a staff member give you special treatment. (4-8 Score)

- G4 > Do not take part in any violations against the rules! (2-6 Score)

This includes encouraging someone to violate the rules.

- G5 > Do not intentionally give false information to a staff member! (4 Score)

- G6 > Do not intervene in admin duty. (3 Score)

- G8 > Do not logout while being confronted by a staff member. (9 Score)

- G9 > Do not discredit the staff or the community. (permanent)

Tecnical & Commercial

- G1 > Do not do or try to do any virtual harm against any of our Services or Members (permanent)

This is a criminal act.

- G2 > Do not intentionally create lag on any of our services. (permanent)

- G3 > Do not use any modding that is not supported or allowed by TheGoldyIron. (permanent)

This includes changing code or exploiting codes to change function within the server such as colored names.

- G4 > Do not in any way try get access to any restricted information or services. (permanent)

This is a criminal act.
Sharing such information also falls under this rule.

- G5 > Do not exploit bugs or unintended features. (6 Score)

- G6 > Do not spam in any way. (2-4 Score,permanent)

- G7 > Do not use TheGoldyIron for commercial purposes. (permanent)

Blackmailing or scam users on real money. (This is a Criminal Act)
Trading or begging for real money.
More about this in Terms & Agreements.