General Rules


- G1 > You shall not speak inappropriately. (1 Points)

Unless the participants of the conversation says otherwise. (does not apply in GLOBAL chats)
This rule can not be broken unless a complaint have been made and the user repeats the violation. (does not apply in GLOBAL chats)

- G2 > You shall not ask another member for personal information or share another persons information without their concent. (2 Points)

- G3 > You shall not spam in any way. (2-4 Points,permanent)

This includes Advertising.
You may come to a agreement with a staff member to advertise.

- G4 > You shall not provoke, annoy, offend or harass other members. (2-11 Points, permanent)

Bullying another member will be handled by a permanent ban. This means harassing another member over a longer period of time with the intent of psychological harm.
Discrimination is not tolerated and will be dealt by how serious the situation is.
We do not support rasism and this will be dealt by a permanent ban. For those who have missunderstood the word Rasism it is only when a person identifies a specific group as another race and there for see them worth less then another group of people. Inappropiate language does not follow within this rule. Such as "nigger" or "niggah", for that check out (General-Rules) Social: R1.
Sexism is not tolerated and will be dealt by how serious the situation is.

- G5 > You shall only speak the native language of the service. (1 Points)

We have both Swedish and English services and you shall speak the languages that are native on the service.
This only applies to global chats/voice-rooms of TheGoldyIron.

- G6 > You shall not threaten to do harm against someone In Real Life. (permanent)

This is a Criminal Act.

- G7 > You shall not use TheGoldyIron in a commercial purpose. (permanent)

You can not, blackmail or scam other users on real money. (This is a Criminal Act)
You can not trade or ask for real money.
More about this in Terms & Agreements.

- G8> Do not spread information the creates a disturbance. (4 points, permanent)

Creating rumors with false information.
The staff can always help you answer your questions.
Creating chaotic scenes in global chats is dealt by a permanent ban.

- G9 > You shall not false accuse a member of breaking the rules! (2 Points)

This does not apply to staff members investigating a possible violation.
If you believe you have been unfairly convicted appeal for pardon.


- G1 > You shall always respect and listen too staff members! (6-9 Points, permanent)

Giving your opinion is always accepted, though arguing for it against a staff member is not. Stop arguing when told to. A verbal/written warning must be given before a violation have been made.
Discrediting the server or the staff in global chats is dealt by a permanent ban. If you have an issue with our team or server contact us directly or at

- G2 > You shall not impersonate a Staff member. (3 Points)

- G3 > You shall not in any way try to make a staff member give you special treatment. (4-8 Points)

The staff decides how sever the violation was.

- G4 > You shall not take part in any violations against the rules! (2-6 Points)

This includes encouraging someone to violate the rules.

- G5 > Do not contact staff in private unless they told you too! (2 Points)

- G6 > Do not call for specific staff members unless they are handling a case involving you! (1 Points)

- G7 > You shall not intentionally give false information to a staff member! (4 Points)

- G8 > You shall not intervene in a admin duty! (3 Points)

- G9 > Do not logout while being confronted by a staff member! (9 Points)


- G1 > You shall not do or try to do any virtual harm against any of our Services or Members (permanent)

This is a criminal act.

- G2 > You shall not intentionally create lag on any of our services. (permanent)

- G3 > You shall not use any modding that is not supported or allowed by TheGoldyIron. (permanent)

This includes changing code or exploiting codes to change function within the server such as colored names.

- G4 > You shall not in any way try get access to any restricted information or services! (permanent)

This is a criminal act.
Sharing such information also falls under this rule.

- G5 > Do not exploit bugs or unintended features! (6 points)