Terms & Conditions


Privacy and Information


By entering a service hosted by TheGoldyIron you give us the right to store and handle information about you. Information stored about you can be such as ip, location and other crucial information to make our services run. This information is ONLY viewable by our services and staff. It will NOT be shared to any third parties unless you have individually given such permission. Your information may be used to uphold our rules, Terms & Agreements and any national laws accordingly.

Our services is hosted on Swedish ground, by entering our services you commit to follow the law's of the country you currently a citizen of and the law of Sweden.

If this is not followed we may suspend any member (including staff) either permanently or temporary. We may even in certain cases report to the Police Authority of Sweden.

Social Privacy

All sections hosted by TheGoldyIron may be monitored by our staff. We may also record and store chat dialogs or even voice recordings to ensure the safety of all users of TheGoldyIron. This content may be used to prevent any violations against any law violations or our rules & agreements.

Any information gathered from our users will not be leaked in any way to the public. All information gathered from you as a user will only be viewed by the staff. The individual responsible of leaking information will lawfully be responsible of this action. The person responsible will have a immediate suspension from all our services in case of a leak.

Supporting Laws means:

- The laws of the country which the victim is currently a citizen of.

- Laws of Sweden.

Information we gather about you may be actions made on our services, such as buying a virtual car. Chat logs, voice recordings, ip adresses, connections made.
We do also store all applications made on any of our services, such as staff applications, whitelisted jobs and such.
We do also store full name, address, country and year birth when donating to TheGoldyIron. More on that you may look on the Terms & Agreements of PayPal.

You may at any point contact a administrator or higher to retrieve or remove personal information stored on our servers. This may take up to 30 days. If a request of removed data is recieved we will open a investigation where we will consider the reason of the removal. If any suspicion rises correct actions will be made.


All mails sent to our support that breaks any of our rules will lead to a permanent ban from all our Services.

Any mails that are incorrectly done will only be warned, if it is repeated several times on purpose you will be given 4 punishment points for breaking Social-R3.

Spamming any of our Services with bots or modded clients will lead to a permanent ban for breaking Technical-R2 and Technical-R3.

By joining any of our services for Spam purposes only you will be permanently banned from our services.

By using uneccasary much caps or other spam text will give you 2 punishment points.

Upvoting Content

Any kind of advertising of services outside of TheGoldyIron is prohibited. This means any sharing of links or names to any kind of services outside of TheGoldyIron is prohibited. This does not mean you may not discuss a service outside of our community. As long it does not upvote the service.

You may by the approval of a manager advertise on our services. Though any violation against the agreement with the staff member you will be permanently suspended.

Using our services to reach out to players privately to advertise or recruit members for a service outside of TheGoldyIron is prohibited.

User Identity

Being a member of TheGoldyIron your personal identity are protected by our rules. You may not give out any information about another user without their consent.

If a staff member asks for your personal information you are recommended to respond. The staff member may find this information in our databases. They will of course not exploit this access, such as sharing with anyone outside of the staff. This only applies to information that are found on our services.

TheGoldyIron staff may arrange official meetups for the community though this arrangements will have their own specific rules that shall be followed. A meetup means specifically that we may invite members to come to a LAN party or just take a fun trip somewhere of choice. These meetings will be arranged by adults age 18 or older. If children are involved we encourage parents to participate. If the parent can't be present, the adults in charge of the event have the responsibility of the child. The responsibility is to make sure the child is supervised and kept safe. All our rules will be applied on such meetings unless we inform otherwise.



We may at any time suspend your account if it does not fulfill our Terms & Conditions!

We may pardon any user if a appeal is made and good enough reason is given. For example if a user breaks (FiveM) Chat-FM1 and obtains a microphone a pardon may be made.

Creating or using a alternate account to bypass a ban will lead to a permanent and global suspension.


When making a registration on our website you are responsible of your account. If you let your account off guard this is not to blame.

If your account is hacked you should immediately contact our support!

Virtual Property

Creations made by a user

We as TheGoldyIron take the right without prior warning or reprimand to put a creation under lockdown or even remove it if our Rules & Policies is not followed. We also take the right to use anything made on our services for the benefit of TheGoldyIron.

Though we do not and will not take credits for any property made by the user.

Third party property

Any third party property used by TheGoldyIron such as plugins or server clients are credited to the owners/owner of the virtual property.

All third party property redistributed by TheGoldyIron are only accessed for registered members of TheGoldyIron. When the content reach the distributed member the member has the responsibility of the redistributed content.

We will not redistribute virtual property against the creators will or use the property for commercial use unless given permission.

Any third party property will not be modified against the creators will.

Creations created for the community.

Any creations made by the players for the community such as Buildings, Art work, Marketting and Promotinal content or other beneficial content for the community is credited to TheGoldyIron. With the blessing of the creator.

Creations made on/for TheGoldyIron Services by a TheGoldyIron Staff Member is TheGoldyIron property.

Files of TheGoldyIron.

Any files used by TheGoldyIron on our services may not be transfered outside of our Server Machines unless given permission by the founder/manager of the TheGoldyIron. Any violation of this will result in a permanent and a none revert-able ban. Violations of this can also lead to legal actions depending on the case.

Ownership of TheGoldyIron.

You may not at any point in any way claim ownership of TheGoldyIron. TheGoldyIron is owned and managed by Sebastian Forsberg Norin & Christoffer Forsberg Norin. Certain parts of TheGoldyIron is also owned by Marcus Söderlund. TheGoldyIron staff members may with the permission of a manager create official advertisement for TheGoldyIron as long as the account is registered with the email support@thegoldyiron.se

Commercial and Charity

What happens with the money

The money goes to the Founder/Manager of this community. The money will be in the first hand be used to maintain our services and in second hand to help out the founder to live. We will not use the money for purposes that the author of a specific service does not agree on. We will not refund any donations unless the Terms & Agreements is not followed.

Who may give or pay us money

Anyone who have turned 18 years old may at any time either buy or donate with real money. The person not yet 18 years old may with a Guardian or Parental approval buy or donate with real money. When a donation or payment is made we may at any time try to contact the account holder or the parents of the account holder to ensure our policy is followed.

We will only accept money from those who have gathered and transfered the money legaly.

When do we take money

We will only take payments if the the owner of the virtual property have given us the right to do so or if the virtual property is created by us. Donations are always welcome.