Staff Guidelines

Behavior & Responsibility

We aim to have a comfort staff as possible, there for we do not accept any disrespectful behavior from any of our staff members. Being a staff member of Thegoldyiron are a great responsibility and shall not be taken if you can not handle it.

All staff members are here by free will, we do not and will not force our staff members to use all our services to keep track of our members. Though we do require our staff to be active in a manner it becomes obvious they are willing to improve and help the community to strive. Our staff are required to update their profile status when going on vacation or a long period of inactivity.

The following statements is what we require our staff to follow, if this is not followed we may demote or suspend the user either temporary or permanent from any of our services.

- > A staff member shall not interfare with his powers in a Game based Service, except if necessary to preserve the rules.

- > A staff member shall never ignore a member asking for help.

- > A staff member shall never ignore a member breaking a rule.

- > A staff member shall only force a teleport upon you if you are suspected of breaking a rule (staff members may teleport too you in vanish, this is accepted as a control)! If there is no vanish feature they may force a teleport upon you if only for monitoring.

- > A staff member shall not ban without a valid reason (Valid reason is the statement by warnings)!

- > Staff members will only punish players for violations against our Terms & Conditions and/or rules.

- > Information seen, heard or gathered as/while a staff member are not to be shared with anyone outside of the staff.

- > Staff members are expected to inform the rest of the staff if they can not be active daily.

- > Higher ranked staff members always have the last call.


Staff members are obligated to file a report on the forums for each violation made by a member. Guests (none members), may be banned outside of the points system and does not require a decission report. Guests may not appeal for pardon. If a guest have been punished the guest must become a member of TheGoldyIron before appealing for a pardon. If the violation has legal concerns every action will always be documented.

A staff member may not be biased in their own case. If a staff member comes under a disagreement with a member they shall call in a none biased staff member to be neutral in the specific case.