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  1. ZebZ

    General Rules - Rework

    We are working on a complete rework of the General Rules. The main change have been applied. We are mainly trying to clean up and cover more about unaccepted behaviors.
  2. ZebZ

    Terms & Conditions - Updated

    As it have come to our attention our Virtual Property section was loose and scetchy. We have cleared up any confusion and loose end and made clear how we look at any creations made by you. Altered Section: (Terms & Conditions) Virtual Property - Creations made by the user
  3. ZebZ

    Looking for new staff members!

    As the activity is growing. This means more questions and issues. So we have decided to recruit 1-2 staff members to the crew! If you have activated 2-step verification on the forums. Connected your account with discord, added an avatar and been a member for atleast 20 days. You will be able to...
  4. ZebZ

    Rules Updated

    The Violation Scores now give less time but is harsher on lower Violation Scores. Violation Scores was earlier called Points System.
  5. ZebZ

    Big changes

    Hello people. There is alot of big changes going on right now. We are currently rebuilding the entire website to be more useful and informative. This means that all members will be required to make a new registration on our forums. But this is way easier the never before. By signing up through...